Wait For It!

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Psalm 62 vs 5

Waiting quietly is not something most of us like to do. The decision to place our hope in God is easy because frankly, when we are struggling with life there is really little else we can do, but doing it quietly is another matter altogether. Most of us come to God as if we were negotiating a way out rather than resting in His sufficiency.

Hope requires faith and faith requires trust. David understood this and as a result, waiting before God was more than just a way of dealing with his struggles. Waiting before God was an act of surrender, of worship, a knowing that His ways were higher and that regardless of what may come, in that place of quiet solitude before God, nothing else mattered.

Do you have hope? Are you able to wait quietly before God or are you anxiously pacing the floor wondering when and what He is going to do. Take a moment and reflect on what it means to wait quietly before God then email us at info@fruitbearers.com.


Photo Credit: Allison Lezon

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